Soundidents.info is the world's first Sound Logo Archive. It features a fine selection of microcompositions, which represent a wide range of companies. The aim of this archive is to sensibilize you to these sounds, which are a essential part of our daily auditory experience.

This website is part of a research project, a Master Thesis which deals with Auditory Communication Design. Therefore it digs deep into the field of Sound Branding and specializes in the shortest form of an Acoustic Identity. Long story short: this is the interwebs #1 source for mindblowin' Sound Logo Awesomeness.


A spectrogram is a photography of the sound.
It gives you an insight of the sound's Gestalt. Although its technicality, a spectrogram has a beauty within. So on one hand, it's rocket-science and an accurate frequency-analysis, on the other it's a computer-generated unique piece of art - from outer space.

How do i read a spectrogram ?
It works quite simple: you see, what you hear.
The bottom axis is the time in seconds, the vertical axis is the frequency (the tone pitch, if you will) and: the more black, the louder. It becomes quite obvious, once you got the video on the right. (double-click the spectrogram →)

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